ISI Insulating Mats (IS: 15652:2006)

ISI Insulating Mats (IS: 15652:2006)

By Electrical Insulation Mats

Electrical Insulation Mats are generally used for covering the floor below the control panels. These Insulating Mats are manufactured using elastomer (latex, rubber and elastomericcompounds that might be natural, synthetic or mixture of both) all along with antiskid aberrations on the top to avoid slippage and smooth, lower surface. Our High Voltage Mats are manufactured as per latest Indian Standard and have been successfully tested and approved by DGS&D, ERDA, CPRI, NTH and other NABL accredited labs.

APPLICATIONS Near HT/LT Control Panels, In front of Switchboards, Electrical Substations, Around Bus Bars, Transformers, Generator & Lift Rooms, Outdoor/Indoor On-site use on Live Equipment

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