Acrylic Fiber Packing with Fluoropolymer Dispersion (MI-3970)

Acrylic Fiber Packing with Fluoropolymer Dispersion (MI-3970)

By Fluid Sealing Asbestos & Non Asbestos Gland Packing

MI-3970 is interlocked braided from Acrylic Fiber which is impregnated with a custom made PTFE dispersion & further lubricated with break-in lubricant that facilitates low friction and make the packing dense, resilient and flexible. It has comparatively better mechanical strength & chemical resistance as against natural & Vegetable Fiber yarns. It is a general purpose packing and an economical choice for fluid handling equipment.

SERVICE MEDIA & APPLICATIONS Extremely suitable for Pumps, Reactors, Agitators & Knife Gate Valves involving Salt Solutions, Mild Abrasives, Brine Solution, Mild Acids & Alkali, Foodstuffs and Water Handling Equipments.
TEMPERATURE Ambient to +260 C
PRESSURE Static - 150 bar Dynamic - 100 bar
PH RANGE 3 to 10

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