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Electric Insulating Mats - A step-by-step guide

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Electric Insulating Mats manufactured and supplied in India are considered to be one of the most reliable and sustainable non-insulating matting materials which improves the working environment in high-voltage workspaces.

It is important to select the right type of Electric Insulating Mats which follow industry standards and are accurately voltage tested. The unique properties of an Electric Insulating Mat manufactured in India require proper guidance before investment to ensure there’s no compromise in terms of quality.

MITC India is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Electric Insulating Mats and with several years of experience under their belt, they have curated a proper guide towards investing in Electric Insulating Mats. 


Why invest in Electric Insulating Mats?

Working in a high-voltage, high-electric capacity workspace can be a risky task specially if there are no safety measures in place to keep workers protected from electric fatality. When working with live power connections, high quality electric insulating mats supplied in India come in handy. It prevents fatality, keeps the workspace safe and improves productivity as electric hazards are prevented.

Manufactured using elastomer, a combination of latex, rubber and elastomeric compounds, these mats are tested to insulate high working voltage and prevent any electricity woes. They are also designed with antiskid aberrations to prevent slips while working. Electric Insulating Mats are one of the most cost-effective solutions to workplace safety. 


How to choose the right Insulating Mats?

Choosing the right insulating mats requires a careful inspection of a few useful parameters. These parameters ensure that you invest in high-quality, industry standard Electric Insulating Mats.

1. Keep in mind the technical specifications of your work area in order to invest in the right type of insulating mats 

2. Make sure that the standard quality of the insulating mats meet industry specified standards. For Electric Insulating Mats in India the specified standard is IS 15652

3. Always look for the quality IS 15652 mark on every Insulating Mats purchased 

4. Don’t go for cheap claims which compromise with the rubber quality and standards. 


Buy from the best Electric Insulating Mats manufacturers in India

MITC India is one of the leading Electric Insulating Mat manufacturers in India. Each of the Insulating Mats are manufactured as per industry standards and supplied to clients. Contact MITC to place your orders for Insulating Mats.