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How does Gland packing work?

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Mechanical seals are important sealing elements which are required for the proper operation of mechanical equipments. Gland packing is a contact-type sealing element, which is adjustable and suitable for high pressure shafts and is designed to reduce operational costs. 


Gland packing manufacturers in India use this method for dynamic sealing, this method of sealing damps the leakage between moving parts and improves the efficiency of industrial equipments which run in rotational motion such as pumps, valves, mixers, etc. Gland Packing Suppliers promote the utilisation of this method mainly due to its simplicity in construction and ease of signalling wear and tear when a leakage takes place. 


Gland packing suppliers prefer Gland packing seals over mechanical seals mainly due to its effectiveness in terms of cost, easy installation, and instant availability, Several engineering applications still rely on Gland packing as it lasts longer than mechanical seals under all conditions, including with corrosive fluids. 

How does it work?

Gland packing suppliers in India prefer to use this method due to its ease of application and low maintenance. Gland packing is mainly useful due to its compressive nature. It consists of soft and flexible materials, in the form of rope or rings which are inserted into the stuffing box to seal the rotating part of the industrial machine. The tightening and pressure applied on the gland packing causes it to expand and form an efficient gland packing seal. 


Gland packing manufacturers consider four important criteria for selecting the seals. 

1. Chemical resistance 

2. Shaft linear speed 

3. Pressure in flow system 

4. Medium temperature 

Gland packing manufacturers and suppliers in India design these seals to radially compensate the gap on the rotating shafts, controlling the leakage, preventing the loss of valuable fluids and unnecessary emissions.

Gland packing manufacturer and supplier 


Quality and performance of gland packing should always be taken into account. To ensure you make the right choice when selecting your gland packing, contact MITC and our team is ever-present to assist you with any queries. Call us today!