On Shore Oil Suction & Discharge Rubber Hose (As per IS: 8189)

APPLICATION For dock & offshore operation of petroleum products containing not more than 25% aromatic hydrocarbon content.
LINING Smooth lining of suitable rubber compounds, uniform in thickness, free from air blisters &porosity, resistant to all grade of petroleum & blended products having an aromatic hydro-carbon content not more than 25%.
REINFORCEMENT Piles of Rubber Impregnated Woven Textile with helically embedded G.I. Wire.
COVER Corrugated or cloth marked finish of suitable rubber Compound resistant to oil, weather & abrasion.
ELECTRICAL BONDING A strand of copper wire is embedded between the reinforcement plies to provide electrical continuity throughout the length of the hose.
END CONNECTION The hose has built in nipples flanges or without flanges as per customer’s specification.
PRESSURE 7 to 15 Bar

For complete specification please download the technical data sheet

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