PTFE Graphite Packing with HIGRAPH dispersion (MI-3903H)

PTFE Graphite Packing with HIGRAPH dispersion (MI-3903H)

By Fluid Sealing Asbestos & Non Asbestos Gland Packing

MI-3903H is a duplex braided packing made from soft Expanded PTFE Graphited yarn. It is a homogeneous fiber, developed especially for compression packings with heat transfer & lubricant components forming an integral part of the yarn. The packing is then, further, impregnated with proprietary HIGRAPH dispersion and integrates all the benefits of MI-3903H and, in addition, shows enhanced sealing properties and better longevity.

SERVICE MEDIA & APPLICATIONS Suitable for use in Steam Dryers, Water Pumps, Agitator, Steam/Gas Valves, Chemical Pumps & Valves, Flange Grooves, Cylinders, reactor Vessels etc. handling Solvents, Resins, Effluents etc.
TEMPERATURE -240 C to +280 C
PRESSURE Static -300 bar Dynamic - 150 bar
PH RANGE 0 to 14

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