Special Carbonaceous Aramid Packing (MI-31002)

Special Carbonaceous Aramid Packing (MI-31002)

By Fluid Sealing Asbestos & Non Asbestos Gland Packing

MI-31002 is a duplex braided High Performance Packing braided from high strength Pure Aramid Yarn. This packing is further treated with custom made Graphite based HIGRAPH dispersion with further impregnation of a break-in lubricant. Further treatment with aqueous PTFE emulsion makes the packing dense & conformable while enhancing the ability of the packing to be easily installed and removed with excellent pliability. The break-in lubricant lowers the coefficient of friction of the packing and helps the packing dissipate the excessive heat generated during long-time run of the equipments and, ensure cooler shaft runs without wear. This packing has very high strength & tenacity with an excellent resistance to abrasive media. The packing also exhibits considerable resistance to aggressive media. The high tenacity of Aramid fiber works in tandem with the heat dissipation property of integral Graphite dispersion resulting in a packing, which shows excellent tear and oxidation resistance without being harsh to shaft and sleeves.

SERVICE MEDIA & APPLICATIONS Suitable for use in Pumps, Mixers, Agitators etc. handling Sludge and Sewerage in Water treatment and ETP plants. It is selectively used for harsh media such as Brine Solution, Sea Water, Resin Synthetics, Epoxy Resins, Viscous Fluids, Fruit Pulp, High Abrasive Bleach, Wood Pulp, Concrete, Ash Slurry, Mud Slurry, Fly Ash, Chemical Slurries etc.
TEMPERATURE -200 C to +300 C
PRESSURE Up to 300 bar
PH RANGE 3 to 12

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