Aramid & PTFE Combination Packing (MI-3905)

Aramid & PTFE Combination Packing (MI-3905)

By Fluid Sealing Asbestos & Non Asbestos Gland Packing

MI-3905 is a Multi-yarn duplex braided Hybrid Packing having Pure Aramid Yarn Corners with Pure PTFE Yarn at faces and a core of highly resilient and high tensile Aramid Fiber. The Aramid Yarn is lubricated with highly anti-frictional Fluoropolymer dispersion and a break-in lubricant, while the PTFE faces are lubricated with high temperature resisting inert lubricant. The tough PTFE impregnated Aramid Yarns ensure corner safety & dimensional stability, allowing the packing to be used at very high pressure conditions. The strong Aramid Fiber avoids corner failures in reciprocating lunger pump. The PTFE Yarns at the running surface provides excellent chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and virtually eliminates shaft scoring. This packing is non-toxic and is ideal for food & pharmaceutical industries.


Also Available : This packing can also be made available with a core of Pure PTFE Yarn instead of Aramid Yarn Core for more resiliency and cost effectiveness.

SERVICE MEDIA & APPLICATIONS Suitable to be used in Pumps including Centrifugal, Reciprocating and Plunger Pumps, Mixers, Valves, Extruders, Reactors, Agitators etc. carrying Pigments, Dyestuffs, Paints, Emulsions, Synthetic Molten Materials, Fine Particle Slurries, Detergents, Tri Sodium Phosphate, Hydrazine, Sodium Hexamita Phosphate etc. Extremely durable packing to be used in High Pressure Liquid Ammonia Pumps, Urea & Carbamate Condensate pumps as found in fertilizer industry.
TEMPERATURE -200 C to +280 C
PRESSURE Static - 500 bar Dynamic - 300 bar
PH RANGE 1 to 13

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