Fiberglass Metallic Packing with HIGRAPH Dispersion (MI-3951H)

Fiberglass Metallic Packing with HIGRAPH Dispersion (MI-3951H)

By Fluid Sealing Asbestos & Non Asbestos Gland Packing

MI-3951H is a High Temperature Self Lubricated & Graphited Non Asbestos gland packing interlocked/duplex braided from Special Glass Fiber yarn. The Fiberglass Yarn is in fibrous from and is manufactured from Inorganic Refractory Oxides. The packing is impregnated with Anti-frictional Graphite Flake having incorporation of proprietary Graphite based HIGRAPH dispersion. This packing has superior resistance to heat and combustion & is inert to most chemicals & gases. It retains its high tensile strength even at elevated temperature and does not shrink in ‘Live’ heat. the incorporation of special lubricant increases the lubricating and heat dissipation factor & ensures high density of the packing whereas the reinforcement of Inconnel Wire aids in combating high temperature and pressure. It is an economic & efficient replacement to other expensive Non-Asbestos Packing. This packing can be used for Static Applications only and is excellent for Hydrotest of Heat Exchanger, Furnace, Valve etc.


Also Available :

MI-3951 - Non-Metallic Fiberglass Packing with HIGRAPH Dispersion.

MI-3951SH - SS Wire Reinforced Fiberglass Packing with HIGRAPH Dispersion.

SERVICE MEDIA & APPLICATIONS Suitable for use in Gate and Glove Valve, Knife Gate Valve, Furnaces & Ovens in Steel & Chemical industry, Fuel Gas Valves, Flanges, Kiln etc. handling Mild Acid & Alkali, Super heated and Saturated Steam, Dyes and Chemicals, Non-Oxidizing Liquids & Gases, Water etc.
PRESSURE Static - 250 bar
PH RANGE 0 to 14

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