Flax Fiber Packing (MI-3961)

Flax Fiber Packing (MI-3961)

By Fluid Sealing Asbestos & Non Asbestos Gland Packing

MI-3961 is made from long Flax fiber yarn, which is impregnated with PTFE & additional lubricant to make it water resistant. The packing might be further impregnated with mica flakes for dissipation of heatgenerated due to rotation of shafts. Combining strength, firmness, flexibility, lubricity and compressibility, it is widely used in hydraulic applications. Other variations of this packing can be developed for customized applications.

SERVICE MEDIA & APPLICATIONS Extremely suitable for Marine/Shipping duties such as on Stern Glands and Rudder Posts, Bilge Pumps & Valves etc. Non-marine applications include Pumps & Valves handling Waste Water or Sewerage such as Paper Mills, Pharmaceuticals & Food Industry.
TEMPERATURE -40 C to +120 C
PRESSURE Static - 200 bar ; Dynamic -100 bar.
PH RANGE 5 to 10

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