Novoloid/Kynol Fiber Packing (MI-3980)

Novoloid/Kynol Fiber Packing (MI-3980)

By Fluid Sealing Asbestos & Non Asbestos Gland Packing

MI-3980 is interlock from a new high performance Synthetic Yarn called Novoloid. This packing is impregnated with PTFE dispersion & break-in lubricant. This packing exhibits the strength of Aramid Fiber & chemical resistance of PTFE & is proved to be a multipurpose packing for Paper & Pulp industry. It is non-staining & non-abrasive in nature as compared to other similar packing, thus, ensuring the avoidance of shaft scoring as common with other Synthetic Fibers Packing. This packing lacks the stiffness of conventional Synthetics and hence, readily conforms to Stuffing Box configuration. It can be installed easily and required minimal gland torque and very less adjustments.

SERVICE MEDIA & APPLICATIONS Suitable to be used in Pumps, Agitators & Mixers etc. handling Chemical Slurries, Mild Acids, Alkali, Paper & Pulp Applications, Liquor, Water Sewage etc.
TEMPERATURE -150 C to +260 C
PRESSURE Static - 500 bar Dynamic - 250 bar
PH RANGE 1 to 13

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