Premium Expanded Graphite Metallic Packing (MI-3911)

Premium Expanded Graphite Metallic Packing (MI-3911)

By Fluid Sealing Asbestos & Non Asbestos Gland Packing

MI-3911 is an Expanded Pure Graphite interlocked braided gland packing with high carbon content and reinforcement of Inconnel wire in each strand. The packing is incorporated with sacrificial metal corrosion inhibitor (passive) to protect the shaft from galvanic corrosion and also for reduction of Loss on Ignition. This packing integrates all the benefits of MI-3910 and, in addition, shows excellent resistance to pressure surge due to the reinforcement of special grade of Inconnel wire, which enhances the overall mechanical strength of the packing. This packing is extremely recommended for high pressure static applications.


Also Available :

MI-3911S - Expanded Graphite Metallic Packing with reinforcement of Stainless Steel (SS) wire.

MI-3911H - Expanded Graphite Metallic Packing with Inconnel wire reinforcement and impregnated with proprietary graphite based HIGRAPH dispersion.

SERVICE MEDIA & APPLICATIONS Suitable for Rotary Kiln and Valves handling superheated and Saturated Steam, Hydrocarbons, all Non-Oxidizing liquids and gases, Corrosive/Non-Corrosive gases, Acids, Alkalies, Solvents, thermic Fluid, Dyes & Chemical, Petrochemicals, Fuel Oil & Lube Oil etc.
TEMPERATURE -240 C to +650 C
PRESSURE Static - 450 bar
PH RANGE 0 to 14

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